Malindi, a picturesque village on the coast of Kenya, is one of the top destinations when it comes to "big game" fish. Especially when we talk about sailfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, several species of large sharks, giant trevally and a lot of other fast fish from the ocean.

Fishing trip to size

Depending on the season we can organize a fishing trip on size, both north of Malindi at the height of Lamu, as can occur south of Malindi at the height of Tanzania.

In this big game boats is really everything to make a real Big Game trip of your trip. We have without exception only chosen for excellence when it comes to fish meal materials.

In a soothing African environment, which the rest of your life will not forget, as of this ship these magnificent fish to harass excellent. We fished the Indian Ocean off the coast of Kenya.

On board are a "captain" with lifetime experience, working for ten years with two fixed "deckhands" you when you need it will provide the necessary assistance. They also ensure that the inner man is provided with plenty of cold drinks and hot food from the fish themselves trapped by you. Live births, stillbirths and lures are large assortment available on board so you can always make use of it at that time favorite bait.


Malindi, Mombasa after the second coastal city of Kenya. Malindi already existed in the 13th century. You will find in Malindi Italian influences, the many Italians who have invested in and around Malindi. In the lively center of Malindi you can smell the real African atmosphere. The beaches of Malindi are beautifully white and you can enjoy diving or snorkeling. Malindi has a regional function for the Kenyans themselves. This one can get a good picture of the Kenyan life, especially in the markets and the less touristy shops.


South of Malindi are the Gede Ruins. At this location attended the late 13th century, about 2500 people. Around Malindi are some national parks where you can enjoy nature: Malindi Marine National Park and Watamu Marine National Park. Here you will find many coral reefs, islands, beaches and mangrove forests. On the dive / snorkel tours introduce you to the wonderful marine life. The Arabuko Sokoke Forest is the largest tropical rainforest on the East African coast.


Price per person when

Number of people Lodging
2 € 2300
3 € 1800
4 € 1500